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ACO Mold offers a full-service of mold making, plastic injection molding, and other services to help you accomplish your project without the hassle of going through different vendors.

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01 Mold Design

Professional designers take into account the functionality of the mold, its life span and economic production when coming up with your mold design.

02 Mold Making

With fully equipped facility and our most experienced mold makers you can expect high quality injection molds in a short turnaround.

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03 Plastic Injection Molding

Our 24 hours/ 7 days active molding shop guarantees shortest possible delivery from order to dispatch, consistent quality from batch to batch.

04 Secondary Processes

We can incorporate various finishes onto your injected molded part through many secondary processes options to meet cosmetic requirements or surface protection purpose.

P03 Secondary Processes
P03 Low Volume Manufacturing

05 Low Volume Manufacturing

ACO Mold are happy to help with your hundreds pieces demand of plastic components or fewer, allowing you to meet rising demands in your target market, replenish your inventory, and more at low risk.

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