Contract Molding

Feasible Solutions for Practical Challenges

Working with ACO Mold ensures you a troublesome- free new product developing process from the design to mass production in a fast paced you would expect, We helped many customers to overcome challenges in the design, manufacturing, mass production, logistic etc.

Hassle-Free One-Stop Services

From prototyping, mold construction, secondary processes, to mass production, ACO Mold offers every service you need under one roof. We can also reverse engineer from physical samples and help to optimize your design. In addition, we offer additional services such as assembly, testing, and packaging shipping.

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Contract Manufacturing

ACO Mold can either export molds to your factory or use the molds left for mass production in house, you are flexibility to choose the model to cooperate, with contract manufacturing, you are free of trouble with the possible mold modification that occurs later after, and you don’t have inventory or maintenance cost.

In-Depth Mold Making Experience

With our in house mold making capacity, ACO Mold can better manage the process and control quality of the mold which are one of the most important determine factors to a success molding production project, we guarantee no jamming or delay due to injection mold issues when you are urgently in need of plastic parts!

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Smooth and Transparent Transaction

There is always a clear line of communication between you and our professional team. The one-stop service we offer ensures that you are always updated to the latest with your project and you have full control over the project no matter where you are and what time zone you are in, working with ACO mold would give you peace of mind in knowing your mold, tooling, and products are within your expected quality.

Support Your Business with Better Molding Solution

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